The scariest movie of all time. Is it Exorcist? Is it Paranormal activity? No, its Insidious!
Some kids want to be like Gagarine when theyre adult, some like Bill Gates. But as for me, I wanna be like James Wan, the Chinese-Australian guy who directs horror movies over and over and over. When Ive started watching Insidious, Id seen only his Saw, which is a goddamn good recommendation for horror director. But this spooky low-budget (just 1 million of dollars) work which Im gonna review is something completely different.
Well, when do we start? Some smoking titles little boy in the bed camera is moving so slowly Aaah, what the hell, old lady?!
Im not kidding the films opening is scary as Old Nicks ass. Its not jumping with Boo!, its not stupid cat round the corner its just a camera turning you right to the monsters face in the darkness. And this old lady with the candle maybe its not absolutely new image of creepy ghost, but its still creepy enough to scare any viewer.
When we jump into the main plot. Its about a couple (played by Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) and their little kids whove just moved into a new house. Guess what? Its haunted from basement to roof! Oh, wait, no. Its not about the house, its about little boy named Dalton, who can travel into the world of spirits when he sleeps. The real problems begin when Dalton gets lost between the worlds, so evil entities can use his empty body to terrorise poor family. Childrenre servants of evil after all, arent they?
As you can see, the story is not too original. We have a typical haunted horror, with creepy children, bloody handprints, women in white, paranormal researchers who help to save the day etc. At some points the plot repeats Tobe Hoopers Poltergeist almost literally (especially in old-nice-medium-woman part). Shame on you, James. Youve just given users of Kinopoisk another possibility to write their usual review like: Oh, its so trivial, the plot didnt surprise me at all, Ive seen it so many times, I watched this movie only because my friend told me, Ive got nothing to do, but it was so disappointing, na-na-na-na!
But what about Insidious advantages? Actually, Ive found a lot of them. Actors are quite good, especially Rose Byrne: her performance as caring mother who desperately tries to set things right and find good way to live is very enjoyable to watch (by the way, the scene when she exercises writing some bland song is pretty ironic and sad at the same time, its one of my favorite scenes in whole movie). The characters themselves are developed enough, we can see their inner problems and obstacles, fears that paralyse them (yet, some of them are very stereotypic, like old medium and her comical supporting cast). The music is conservative, like in 80-es horror movies, but it provides a good support for suspence and sudden scares. And the main advantage atmosphere. The movie takes almost every chance and every instrument to frighten you: lights, noises, furniture, shadows, smokes. They used all the possibilities, especially in the climax, when Patrick Wilson goes into the other world to find his son. Images are wonderful: every monster has something special to make you shit your pants. Old Lady, Demon (yeah, they just call it Demon, not any other names), Guy in a Black Cloak and my personal sexy nightmare Smiling Girl. Then I saw her smile, I was ready to throw my computer out of window.
Finally, do I see Insidious as a good film? Well, it has some serious flaws first of all, the story, which elements weve seen in many other movies. Do I see it as a good horror? Definitely yes. Would I recommend it to watch? Mmm if you can relax, not care about some obvious horror tropes, and just enjoy all the things Insidius gets right in other words, if you are just as smart and happy person, as I am. Insidious cant give you a ticket to the Museum of High Arts, but it certainly can send you in a perfect trip through your own Tonnel of Fear.

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